Friday, November 2, 2012

Cookie Fever!

So, I've ventured into the world of cookie baking and cookie decorating! Yes, I'm still heavily committed to ALL THINGS CUPCAKE, but cookies have now become a part of That's So Morie Cupcakes' world! What is so funny about this new endeavor is that I initially started out baking cookies. I was one of the family members who 'baked cookies for the Holidays'. Now, I have picked up where I left off and gained a few tricks along the way as well.
Cookie decorating (with royal icing) has become just as fun (shhh..., if not a little more fun) as doing my cupcakes. The possibilities are endless with these things. I get lots of inspiration from Hayley Cakes and Cookies and Oh! Sugar Events along with other cookie blogs. Check out a few of my most recent creations. Some celebrating 'Back-to-School' nights and others as party favors for a 'Bridal Shower'!
'Back-to-School Night' Cookies
Apple, Chalkboard, and an A+ paper

'Back-to-School Night'
A+ Paper

School Bus Cookies

School Bus Cookies ---Packaged!

'Bridal Shower' Cookies
For these cookies, I let the invitation serve as inspiration as it was so pretty!
The end result was to my liking. I used royal icing for the background
and hand painted the design.  It took some time, but the end result
was well worth it!

I owe this packaging technique to Glorious Treats. She has the cutest
ideas and I had to incorporate this one.


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