Monday, June 25, 2012

Cupcake Picnic at Georgetown Waterfront Park

This past weekend I had the pleasure of joining the ladies of the Cupcake Crusaders at the waterfront park in Georgetown, DC.  We had such a wonderful time!  Everyone who participated brought some cupcakes and we did a good ole fashion cupcake swap and even had a cupcake eating contest!  The contestants rocked out!!  I was too chicken to participate, plus this diet I'm on would have been screaming at me! I have plenty of pics posted below, so enjoy scrolling through!

"Citrus in the City"

"Pina Colada in a Cup"

Individually "packaged-to-go" cupcakes
...such a neat idea! Thanks Pinterest!

"Bacon/Maple" cupcakes by Josie's Confections

"Strawberry Lemonade" cupcakes by Josie's Confections

"That's So Morie Cupcakes"

My friend Chuckie devouring a
That's So Morie Chocolate cupcake!

Cupcake eating contest contestant!

She's goin in, she's goin in...and she went hard!

Still going hard!

My love bug getting in on the cupcake fun...
no really, I think she just wanted her picture taken!

That's So Morie Cupcakes had a blast!!

Weekend Fun - Colors & Cinnamon...Huh?!

This past weekend my orders consisted of beautiful bright buttercream frostings, cinnamon, and of course the 'Simply Stawberries' (strawberry) 
and 'Love on Top' (red velvet), but I opted to only photograph the C's - cinnamon and colorful.

Naked, but just as good without the frosting!

Cinnamon, butter and brown sugar mixture is swirled
all throughout these cupcakes...Yum!!!

Cupcake Flavor: "Cinna-Ma-Yum" - Cinnamon, butter and
brown sugar mixture swirled throughout vanilla cupcake
w/brown sugar cream cheese frosting dusted w/cinnamon

The cupcakes below were requested by a client for their 20th wedding anniversary celebration they were having.  One of the nicest couples I've had the pleasure of meeting in my entire life.  The exchange was very brief, but they definitely made a lasting empression.
Cupcake Flavor: "The Usual" -
Vanilla cupcake w/tinted vanilla buttercream frosting w/fondant decor

 Don't you just love the color combination of pink and orange?  I know I do and the fact that orange is my favorite color, probably has plenty to do with it. A customer requested these cupcakes (and red velvet) for her daughter's graduation party and informed me they were reluctant to share...too funny!
Cupcake Flavor: "The Usual" - vanilla cupcake w/tinted vanilla buttercream frosting

Fell in absolute love with the cupcake liners...those colors!


My post title is supposed to mimic the sound that is made when someone is performing a karate kick, move, etc.  I hope I succeeded! LOL!

These cupcakes were made for my eight year old cousin who received his 1st degree Black Belt!  A huge CONGRATULATIONS to him for such an accomplishment at such a young age.  His request, of course, were cupcakes decorated karate style.  I decided upon the ying-yang symbol and the upper body of a someone with their karate gear on.

Kaleb and his Master after receiving his 1st degree black belt

Cupcake Flavor: "The Usual" - vanilla cupcake w/vanilla buttercream frosting

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Peace & Love everyone!

One of my best girlfriends just recently had a 50th suprise birthday party for her mom and the theme was "The 60's".  She commissioned me to make some mini cupcakes with a 60's flair and I immediately pictured tye dye and love and peace signs.  While I didn't get the 'love' (although there was plenty of it), I was able to incorporate the tye dye and peace signs!  
Vanilla cupcake w/vanilla buttercream frosting -
(tinted colors are yellow, blue, green, pink and purple)

Birthday Party

Pink & Purple Swirl

Pink and purple along with Olivia the Pig was the theme for these cupcakes. Miss Makayla turned six, and what better way to celebrate than with some good ole vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting--why, pink & purple of course!!

Mother's Day Flowers

Flowers never smelled OR tasted this good !!

Carrot cake cupcakes w/brown sugar cream cheese frosting

Vanilla cupcake w/vanilla buttercream frosting (tinted)


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