Thursday, May 3, 2012

Strawberry Kind of Weekend

It was a 'strawberry' kind-of-weekend this past weekend. I had a bridal shower and a 30th birthday party and each requested a different variation of my 'Simply Strawberry'.  For the bridal shower, I made a strawberry key-lime which was a strawberry cupcake topped with key lime buttercream frosting. The tanginess and citrus of the key lime mixed with the strawberries in the cupcake made for a very refreshing combination. I might have to add this to my 'ordinary' flavors!

'Strawberry Key Lime'
The other strawberry flavored cupcake I made was strawberry & 'roc. It's a strawberry cupcake infused with Red Berry flavored Ciroc Vodka topped with strawberry buttercream frosting with the Vodka.  So basically, the alcohol (or cocktail) is the draw with this one!  The next time I make this cupcake I'll have to up the alcohol content of the sugar drizzle because you really couldn't taste it. You don't want to put so much that it'll drain out the strawberry taste, but you want enough to taste the vodka.  As you know, alcohol tends to get drained out in the sugar with baking, so I must increase!

'Strawberry & 'Roc'

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