Saturday, April 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Birthday Party

It's 'Hello Kitty' Time
I love all of my girlfriends, but it's without a doubt that I love them all for different reasons - reasons that are formed from their characteristics and overall personality.  My one girlfriend is the mother of a little girl, and she recently celebrated her 2nd birthday.  When my friend commissioned me to do cupcakes for the party, I got so excited!!  Of course one of my first questions was "what is the theme going to be?" Well, if you knew this particular friend, you would not have been the least bit surprised when she responsed very nonchalantly and with the 'duh like' expression, "ummmm, Happy Birthday?"...yes, Happy Birthday will be the theme."  God Bless my friend, because she absolutely meant it! So, this is how we ended up with Hello Kitty themed cupcakes, because she was not going to just have 'Happy Birthday' cupcakes if I had anything to do with it and I'm glad I did. Gotta love END! 

Large letters/layered cupcake toppers with tulle pom-poms and a silver bread.

Vanilla cupcake w/tinted vanilla buttercream frosting
Hello Kitty toppers made out of fondant, mini M&M's and black piping gel

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