Monday, April 23, 2012

Blue Zebra Print

Making these cupcakes was tedious and slightly time consuming, but I looove these type of projects, so no complaints from me.  One my best friends' daughter turned 10 this past Sunday and one of the requests she had for her spa (main & pedi) party was for her aunt Lamorea to make her some electric blue zebra print cupcakes!

The gift bags that were put out for the party (I did not supply) complimented the cupcakes and cupcake stand just perfect!

Fondant is no longer the enemy :-)


  1. Were did you get the cupcake having my baby shower and making cupcakes instead of one big cake and cant find a stand that worth paying so much money for...Did you make it?

  2. Hello! I purchased a set of three from a friend who used them for her wedding. She no longer had any use for them and offered them to me. However, my fiance' has made me two stands that are similar to this one and he's sold about 5 on ebay. They are light colored wood and he stains them if you have a request for a darker colored wood. If you are interested in purchasing one, please let me know what dimensions you're looking for and I can quote you a price. If you're interested, please email me at

    Thank you,
    Lamorea (Morie)

  3. how did you make this? please send me the recipe at



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