Friday, February 3, 2012

My adventure with cake Pops

If at first you don't succeed...

...dust yourself off and try again!!

My first cakepop making experience was a complete disaster, fail, tragedy, mess, debacle, and any other word you could muster up to describe what took place. The evidence is right there in the top picture; they weren't cakepops-on-a-stick, but rather 'sticks in a cakepop'!  Everything that could go wrong...well...went wrong! 
1) Did not crumble the cake enough (always crumble until fine)
2) Mixed in too much frosting (for every avg cake size, 1/2 cup is just perfect)
3) Did not let cake firm up (leave in freezer for at least 30 min or refrigerator for 2 hours)
5) Did not let chocolate firm up on stick in cake pops (stick back in freezer for 30 min)

Well, if you read the 'about me' section, you'd know I wasn't going to let that be the end with the cake pops.  The following weekend, I got back to work, followed my troubleshooting instructions and voila'!  What you see in the next two pictures was the turn out for this go 'round...SUCCESS!  Cakepops are very simple to make, but like most projects, its not a 'dive right in' type of thing.  There are rules you must follow and those rules will help to ensure you come out with the perfect cake pop every single time!

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