Friday, February 3, 2012

More Mocha-Choca's

I'm back with more of my Mocha-Choca's, but this time I used the holy grail of all chocolates...Valrhona! Yes, I could definitely taste the difference.  If you're looking for that true, rich, semi-bitter chocolate taste (and it's all preference), this is your winner.  Trust me, my Hershey's is still the bomb, but the Valrhona is definitely all that it's cracked up to be.  I ordered some off line, because I thought (and never did much research) it could not be purchased in specialty stores in my area.  Well low and behold, I'm at the local Whole Foods store and I turn over an unmarked container of chocolate (similar resemblance) and there it is...Valrhona!  So needless to say, I was psyched and will be purchasing it from WF from here on out.  For the frosting, I switched it up and used Ghirardelli unsweetened cocoa, which didn't deviate too much from the frosting I made using Hershey's.

'Mocha-Choca' - Devil's food chocolate cupcake with caramel flavored mocha chocolate frosting.

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