Thursday, March 15, 2012

'Olivia the Pig' Kid's Birthday Party

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of making cupcakes for an 'Olivia the Pig' themed birthday party.  I had so much fun creating the toppers and the cupcake stand.  Little projects like this bring out my creative side!
For the toppers I used a large (2 1/2 inch) scalloped hole puncher for the background layer and for the foreground smaller layer (personalized) I used a smaller (1 1/4) scalloped hole puncher. I placed each topper on a rounded toothpick and inserted into cupcake.  For the cupcake stand, I used two regular different sized wrapping boxes and decorated with wrapping paper, ribbon and glittered scrapbooking paper (for dots on top box - cut with 1/2 inch circle hole puncher).

Each topper was personalized
Boxes wrapped in wrapping paper and decorated w/ribbons and scrapbooking paper
Cupcake Flavor - 'Simply Strawberry'

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